Forum admins think they can do whatever they want

So a few days ago I ended up in a private argument with an admin on a forum that I’m on. We resolved the argument, I thought, peacefully and no harm was done. Then yesterday he picks a fight with me about it in a public part of the forum and punishes me for being “disrespectful” after I said “please don’t bring this up again, especially in public”.

I’m inclined to tell him “you can’t punish me when you unambiguously started it this time”, but I’ve tried that before with admins and it always makes things worse. Somehow they think they’re always right, no matter what they do and even when it’s clearly wrong.


Everything’s under control

When you’ve got music blaring, a storm raging outside, your electricity supply dipping every few seconds, your burglar alarm screeching, and both of your phones ringing, that’s when you feel in control of everything. Seriously, it feels good.

Micheal Johnson

Born blind

I’ve figured out why I wasn’t born blind: if I was, then I would never truly appreciate blindness as it would be all that I had ever known. Now I just need to figure out why I wasn’t blinded in an accident.

Micheal Johnson

Eye pressure

I don’t get it. I squashed my eyes until the intraocular pressure was way past that of anyone with glaucoma. I squeezed my fingers in until the tips were literally inside my eye sockets. I pressed down until my eye felt like a hard ball, about to explode with any further compression, and in so much pain that I almost threw up. Yet still I can see as perfectly as always.

Micheal Johnson