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I’m Micheal. I have Asperger’s and blindness-variant BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder – meaning that I have a strong desire to be blind), and I’m generally a quirky person, although people don’t always see my fun side because my mental issues sometimes cause people to dislike me. Although I don’t quite know how that happens, however, because my Asperger’s isn’t the most severe that I have come across and wanting to be blind isn’t that weird, right? :-)

But nevertheless it seems that I have a way of getting banned from IRC channels, kicked out of forums, and losing friends. I don’t know if that’s because of my Asperger’s, my desire to be blind, or just the fact that I’m a teenager (although not the rebellious kind which sadly prevails most of the world and the internet), but one thing’s for sure and that is that I have my views on things and I will stick to them. I have always wanted a place where people think logically and rationally, like I do, and don’t storm out at each other because of stupid things and petty rules (like one forum where I got banned for three days because I refused to post my question in a “question thread” which was so long that my computer crashed every time I tried to view it and nobody ever answered the questions properly anyway), and I did create my own forum once but the only users that I ever had were spambots.

But now I have realised that a blog is the way to go (actually I don’t know why it took me so long to realise that), so this is my corner of the world, where I will express my views and opinions on things and it’s up to you to agree or disagree or just ignore me altogether, rather than for me to be kicked out from someone else’s community because it seems that everybody else in the world has no logic in the way that they think and cannot abstract a concept that should so obviously be abstracted (which is still the number-one cause of arguments between me and other internet users, where they think they’ve understood it but from their response it is obvious that they are either too fixed in their old-school ways or too dumb to understand it – sometimes being intelligent is hard :-/ ).

My main philosophy in life is the concept of “elegance”. I mean that in the sense of “elegant code”, as a programmer would understand it, and it’s hard to really describe what is elegant and what is not but I have a clear sense of what constitutes elegance and I have found that whenever I follow the elegant path with something or strive for the most elegant solution to a problem (programming or otherwise) things generally work out the best. “Simplicity” is also an important concept, but I do not strive for simplicity in itself but rather because often the most elegant path is also the simplest one – the one with the fewest knots in it, if that makes sense. You can read a somewhat neater explanation of this concept in the Wikipedia article on elegance. (Sorry if this whole paragraph makes no sense whatsoever, but I have a bit of an abstract way of thinking sometimes and to me this makes perfect sense and sometimes it’s really frustrating being unable to find the words to describe such a simple yet fundamental concept to others.)

My main interest is computing. Basically anything to do with computing. I have been a Linux user for over a year now (or maybe two years – I’ve lost count already!) and I also enjoy vintage computing and other related fields such as electronics. But I also like to form my own ideas about other matters (basically everything, in order to achieve an elegant and simplistically-coherent set of ideas about the world), and in particular I enjoy abstracting concepts and grouping related ideas into meta-ideas as it were, as to me that is elegant as it is simpler to group related ideas together and then consider the individual ideas as sub-ideas rather than to have an arbitrary set of ideas that has no official grouping but which is, to someone with my way of thinking, most clearly related (after more research I believe this to be an extreme form of generalization of concepts, beyond the degree to which most people identify opportunities for generalization but to an extent which I believe to be elegant). I tend to think quite abstractly, and this is an important basis for a lot of my ideas and opinions and I believe that there is a lot of value in having someone who thinks this way (it probably also explains why I used to enjoy abstract maths until I got mental burnout from trying to work out problems far beyond my mathematical knowledge and promptly gave up on it never to return – maths is now just a necessity, as it had been for many of my younger years as well).

So I guess that, on this blog, you’ll probably see a lot of my views on the world and particularly science, in addition to my usual irrelevant comments about such things as my sore neck and the funny colours of my Linux terminal window which normally only add to, if not create, people’s adverse opinions about me in other online communities. But you’ll also see some of my inner feelings, as my one friend who also wants to be blind started a blog to help them release their thoughts when nobody else would listen, and for a long time I have been typing up plain-text files with a sentence or two to reflect on my thoughts in a similar manner, but now it is time for me to express my feelings not just to my computer but to the world, where those who care can comment and where those who only serve to insult me can be kicked out of my life.



P.S. Please think twice before arbitrarily “liking” my posts, as I don’t appreciate it when people try to compare their frivolous difficulties with my intense suffering. If you really feel that you connect with me or what I write, then please consider commenting on my posts or emailing me via the form below.

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