Self-harm is not an unhealthy addiction. It is a healthy way to control emotional pain when you have nothing else to turn to.

Micheal Johnson


2 thoughts on “Self-harm

  1. I get that but at the same time I hope that people who self harm get the support and attention they need to allow them to move on from that. I know that unfortunately it’s often a last resort and is a form of control but I hope that people who do it are given other options…


    • Yeah well I don’t have any other options. My one cause of emotional pain (BIID) is untreatable, and the others seem to be getting worse no signs of getting any better any time soon. Thus I am faced with three options:
      -run away and start a new life

      The first is out of the window because, ironically enough for a discussion about self-harm, it is too painful for me to follow through with. The second had too many holes in the plan and was never going to work, but I tried to follow through with it anyway but ended up missing the bus that I was going to catch and there’s not going to be another chance at that for three weeks. So I am left with the third, and while it may seem unhealthy, it’s actually the least obtrusive way for me to keep my issues in check at the moment.

      P.S. Most of the posts in the “jottings” category is stuff that I write on an impulse to record how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking at a snapshot in time. They don’t always represent my general viewpoint, although usually they do.

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