The following is a piece that I originally wrote for an English assignment in college. It appears here somewhat late due to technical issues with my computer which have subsequently been resolved.

If there is one lesson that I have learnt in life, it’s that one should never set a goal, expect to achieve it, and expect to find such a thing fulfilling. People often talk about having a “goal in life”, but I find that having “goals” only makes life more disappointing. Most of the time, the goal is and can never be met. In the rare case that it is met, it is often tainted in some way. And when one seldom does achieve exactly what they wanted, it comes at such a high cost that you feel no better off.

Now, of course, the idea of “success in life” closely relates to one’s goals. After all, success means to achieve something, and in the generalised sense that something is always going to be a goal of sorts. Thus to succeed means to meet one’s goals.

But I disagree. To me, true success does not mean meeting goals; to me, success is to be happy and content with one’s life. Meeting goals for me is only a stressful frustration, but when I feel content in life, that is what feels like success to me. That is what makes me feel strong. That is what makes me feel like I have a life, and that I can achieve whatever I want.

So I conclude that success does not come from having a goal in life, but from being content with where you are as of now. Yes, right now. Are you happy with how your life is? If yes, then I call it success, and you should too. If not, then think about how you could change it. The ultimate goal in life is, after all, happiness, and if success means to meet one’s goals, then to be happy is to succeed.


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