I’m not allowed to use my cane anymore

So, two days into college, I’m not allowed to use my white cane anymore “for health and safety reasons” because I haven’t had O&M training. Well screw it, I had finally managed to get my issues under control such that I can get through a lesson in one piece, and this happens. In some ways it feels like being told “you’re not allowed to live the life you need to live”. It’s what I’ve always said: just because I happen to be able to see, I am forced to live as a sighted person.

I really don’t know how to cope with this. It’s like, the one thing to get me through my day at college has been taken away from me. And what really sucks is that I had actually managed to deal with my classmates regarding the issue, and the computer department was well on their way to getting a proper screenreader sorted out for me to use in class.

Still, this morning was good, before they told me to stop using my cane at college. I don’t know when last I’ve felt so at ease with myself.


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