I really cannot work this out…

So I know it’s not a violation of tumblr’s rules to have more than one blog – in fact they specifically give users that functionality. But what I find strange is that a certain user who’s name I am not allowed to mention created a secondary blog so as to keep her BIID anonymous from her main tumblr blog but then routinely “liked” random posts under her main account. Thus I – and I’m sure many other people as well – was under the misconception that these were two different people. The giveaway, of course, was when I discovered that the account which had been “liking” the post had the same email address as the one that she had given me when I contacted her via her secondary blog.

What do you think is going on here? This person has not only been trying to manipulate me and my friends, the latest episode of harassment of which I have not yet blogged about but might do so soon, but is now also misleading the readers of both of her blogs. What is she doing? And most of all, why is she still persistently following me on my journey around the internet, cropping up wherever I crop up, and then trying to destroy my opportunity to benefit from whatever support group I just found practically the moment that I sign up?

Please comment below if you have any thoughts and would like to help me understand and work through this very difficult situation, or contact me via the form below:

EDIT: I just wanted to add that, because you may read this some time, that I don’t doubt your authenticity and the intensity of your issues. I understand that what you are going through is real, and I am willing to support you in that. However your behaviour towards me has been causing me great stress and I need support from others in dealing with it – others, that is, that you are not going to tail (yes I know you’ve been watching Covert Affairs, by the way) me to and remove. That is why I am reaching out for support – I still accept everything that you have said to me about your BIID as real and acknowledge your issues and please don’t interpret this as lessening any of the productive discussion that we have had in the past.


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