Losing my last friend

So my last friend is deserting me. Hadn’t emailed me for a few days, and then emails me just to tell me she’s blocked me on Skype. Says she doesn’t want to cut me off completely, but still, I need people that I can talk to. People with a voice behind them, not just words on a page. It’s simply easier to talk to people than to email, as the conversation is much more interactive and always more productive.

I was already blocked by my previous two friends (I still don’t exactly understand why) and that really hurt. This one hurts more, because she was a close friend and the last person that I had to pull me through and help me to the point of getting a cane and encouraging me to use it outside of home, even when the rest of the world had deserted me. And now she’s deserting me too, because apparently I call her too much.

But then, I’ve got my cane. That makes things so much easier. I guess I can get through this on my own now.


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