I really cannot work this out…

So I know it’s not a violation of tumblr’s rules to have more than one blog – in fact they specifically give users that functionality. But what I find strange is that a certain user who’s name I am not allowed to mention created a secondary blog so as to keep her BIID anonymous from her main tumblr blog but then routinely “liked” random posts under her main account. Thus I – and I’m sure many other people as well – was under the misconception that these were two different people. The giveaway, of course, was when I discovered that the account which had been “liking” the post had the same email address as the one that she had given me when I contacted her via her secondary blog.Read More »


Metaphorical blindness

I may be the one who wishes to be blind physically, but sometimes it really seems like the rest of the world is blind to the most obvious logic.

Micheal Johnson

Stack Exchange is haunting me

I wish you could tell Stack Exchange to stop notifying you of replies to old questions or answers that you have posted. I don’t still want to be receiving random “you suck” comments about a perfectly logical answer that I wrote that apparently nobody else can see the sense in.

Regarding broken links

I’m just posting a heads-up regarding a few links on my blog to the former blog of a former friend who’s name I am not allowed to mention. The links are currently broken as she deleted her blog, but I have retained the links for historical reasons. I do have an archive of her entire blog though which is available on request for those who would like to read more of her posts.

The blog is not deleted, however she keeps changing her blog URL and as I don’t feel like going to fix all the links every time she changes it I’ll just keep this post updated with her current blog URL. If you go back to the page that took you here, just remove the first part of the URL (“http://that-blind-biid-blog.tumblr.com/“) and replace it with the URL below (remember to include the trailing slash).

Currently her blog is at: http://a-totally-blind-biid-blog.tumblr.com/

Public again

I’m making my blog public again. That’s final. And if a certain reader who had previously forced me to take it down dares to email me about this, her emails will be promptly deleted with no exceptions.


So I went out with my cane again yesterday. I enjoyed it. It made me feel better. And then when I got home, I had nobody to share it with. Obviously there was my mother – she’d gone out with me, after all. But previously when I had done something like that, I would have told my friends with BIID – Marisol, Rachel, and Jewel. Even two weeks ago I would have still told Jewel, even though Marisol was ignoring me and Rachel had rejected me. When I got my cane, I told Jewel. I didn’t get a chance to tell her in a Skype call, but I sent her an email and she wrote back. That was nice.

Now there’s absolutely nobody. It’s like I’m isolated – in my own world with nobody to share my experiences with. But that’s not really got much to do with BIID, because at least the BIID is mostly under control. Compared to BIID, social isolation is nothing.


It looks like this blog thing still isn’t right for me. I created this blog as a place to let out my frustration, to say what I wanted to say without other people banning me. Other people have always tried to control my content in online communities, so I created this blog as a place where I could speak freely, and the admin staff wouldn’t always take sides with the people who were so greatly hurting me. But somehow I still can’t speak freely. Somehow people still manage to control my content.

She’s gone

I’ve lost her too. Jewel. My last friend. Rachel sucked her in too. Rachel got her thinking all the same crap that she pumped into Marisol’s head. Rachel is a sociopathic worm. And by the time I realised that, it was too late. She had already taken Jewel away.

I guess it’s just me and my mother now.

What’s THAT supposed to achieve???

So apparently changing your blog URL is going to stop me from being able to reblog your posts. I don’t know if that’s like, so I can’t find them or something, but I tell you they were pretty darn easy to find via a Google search. And thanks for the block, too, because now I might as well just reblog something I want to “like” on your blog, instead of just “liking” it.