Pretending as a form of therapy for BIID

I can cite many better sources, but let me just cite these two from my friend with BIID – they say it all, anyway:

Pretending at work while taking walks has really helped, and the great thing about it is that it doesn’t really distract from my ability to work. It’s helped my psyche tremendously, it’s almost crazy to compare the two.

The only thing that’s taken away the self harming urges is by pretending to be blind. Is this coping strategy, the only thing that makes my vision bearable enough where I don’t want to destroy it, truly as terrible as it seems when I truly tried my alternatives?

I didn’t want to turn this post – or the entire blog, for that matter – into a rant about my mother, but I think that’s what it’s becoming. Because I know that she reads my friend’s blog, and those of many other people with all the different variants of BIID, and she still says that pretending is not going to help me and only make things worse. Sometimes I wish she would cite her sources – because I am most likely correct to say that she doesn’t have any.


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