Name coincidence

Just a follow-on post from yesterday’s post, I remembered another such coincidence that I consider noteworthy. The coincidence of names.

You see, my mother got a job some time ago. Her boss’s name is Joan, and her predecessor’s name was Natasha. Then a few days later my friend with BIID who uses the alias name Marisol introduced me to the TV series Covert Affairs. Unbelievably enough, the main characters’ boss’s name was Joan! Then a few episodes later we are introduced to ex-girlfriend of Auggie Anderson (the blind man) and her name is Natasha. (Although to be honest I don’t particularly like her.) Then a few days later again I learn of someone called Melanie who works in the office below my mother, and soon after I receive an email from my friend Marisol which accidentally revealed her real name to be Melanie.

Again, make what you want of it. Sure, perhaps we only notice the things that mean something to us – as in, if my mother’s boss had been called Annie then I would have seen some significance in the name of Annie from Covert Affairs – but I still think it’s more than that. Particularly Joan. Really, two bosses with the same name, a few days apart???


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