Wikis are no better…

Well at least this time I didn’t get banned, but it’s happened before in a very similar situation to this. You would think that a page called “list of Arthur characters with medical conditions” shouldn’t include “fictitious” characters (those that appear only in the “real” characters’ imagination) but it seems that everyone else on the wiki thinks otherwise – even though other similar list pages don’t include such characters. The “medical condition” possessed by the character isn’t even a real condition! But at least this time I wasn’t banned – the page was just locked – so I should still be able to “patrol” the page about my favourite blind character in the show and not let anyone else try to remove the importance of her blindness as has already been attempted… why that was referred to as “favouritism” I don’t quite understand, as I’m sure everyone has a favourite character or two and wants to make sure that their most important aspects are highlighted.


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