I’m Micheal. This is my blog, which I created mainly as a place where I can express my thoughts freely rather than being condemned by others as what normally happens when I try to participate in other online communities. I’m still not quite sure why I always get kicked out of other communities, but it’s probably got something to do with either my Asperger’s, my BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder – my desire to be blind) or perhaps simply because I tend to have strong and unconventional opinions about the world (which is bound to get anyone banned from a forum), and in any case I guess I can blame my Asperger’s for why I am unable to actually understand why this keeps happening to me.

But I am not an outcast; I am an unusual person, I admit, but I am still interesting and I have many important ideas. In fact one of the most frustrating things is how I am unable to properly express my ideas to others in their completeness, as I am an abstract thinker and it is difficult for me to put my abstract ideas into words.

But I don’t want to repeat myself, so if you want to know more please read my “about” page.




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