IRC admins

Why does every IRC channel have such up-tight admins? I mean, I just have Asperger’s, asked two questions which I thought were relevant but which happened to be ever-so-slightly off-topic, and asked one of the admins to stop giving me the “assburgers” insult. Instead of stopping, he banned me! And when I contacted the other admins, they were on his side.

It’s not the first time that something like this has happened, and I seriously doubt that it’s the last either…

Micheal Johnson


Last episode of “Arthur”

It started back in September last year, thanks to a post on an Asperger’s forum about an episode of the children’s TV show Arthur which featured a character with Asperger’s. I remembered hearing about that show before (I’m from the UK, where the show is not nearly as widely known, but still broadcast) and had watched a few episodes but had not really taken to it. But I decided to watch the episode mentioned on the forum, and I was able to find it on YouTube fairly quickly.

Of course, the inevitable happened and YouTube quickly started “suggesting” other episodes from the show, and I took to the show promptly and after a few days of watching about three episodes each day I decided that I should start from the very first episode and watch the complete series in order.Read More »

BIID: Disability and independence juxtaposed

Original post by my friend who also has blindness-varient BIID:

I guess ultimately my struggle is that I want to be independent in a state that is normally not truly independent.

I feel exactly the same way. It is strange that, as people with BIID, we seek “disabling” conditions but then strive to be as independent as possible. Perhaps that is because it is not really the “disability” aspect of the conditions that we seek, although that must be a factor as I find it hard to believe that it is just by pure coincidence that all the conditions sought by people with BIID are “disabling” ones.

Wikis are no better…

Well at least this time I didn’t get banned, but it’s happened before in a very similar situation to this. You would think that a page called “list of Arthur characters with medical conditions” shouldn’t include “fictitious” characters (those that appear only in the “real” characters’ imagination) but it seems that everyone else on the wiki thinks otherwise – even though other similar list pages don’t include such characters. The “medical condition” possessed by the character isn’t even a real condition! But at least this time I wasn’t banned – the page was just locked – so I should still be able to “patrol” the page about my favourite blind character in the show and not let anyone else try to remove the importance of her blindness as has already been attempted… why that was referred to as “favouritism” I don’t quite understand, as I’m sure everyone has a favourite character or two and wants to make sure that their most important aspects are highlighted.



I’m Micheal. This is my blog, which I created mainly as a place where I can express my thoughts freely rather than being condemned by others as what normally happens when I try to participate in other online communities. I’m still not quite sure why I always get kicked out of other communities, but it’s probably got something to do with either my Asperger’s, my BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder – my desire to be blind) or perhaps simply because I tend to have strong and unconventional opinions about the world (which is bound to get anyone banned from a forum), and in any case I guess I can blame my Asperger’s for why I am unable to actually understand why this keeps happening to me.

But I am not an outcast; I am an unusual person, I admit, but I am still interesting and I have many important ideas. In fact one of the most frustrating things is how I am unable to properly express my ideas to others in their completeness, as I am an abstract thinker and it is difficult for me to put my abstract ideas into words.

But I don’t want to repeat myself, so if you want to know more please read my “about” page.